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about us

Co-founded by Grace Maddern and Jack Wilkinson in 2015, GJ Productions is a Melbourne based theatre production company created to give emerging and established artists a platform to share their talents with the arts community.

The company's dream is to be able to produce several works each year, working with various artists to create art that speaks to people and inspires them, through both established and new texts.

Jack Wilkinson

With a love of theatre developing during his early high school years, there aren't too many roles that Jack hasn't taken on within a theatre since then. Working solely as an actor for several years, Jack soon developed a love of the technical aspects of theatre while participating in student theatre while at university. Now Jack has travelled to Perth and back as a stage manager and been a technical operator on almost more shows than he can count. He hopes to spend more time in the directors chair as time goes on.

Grace Maddern

A graduate of University of Ballarat Arts Academy, Grace has been performing on stage all her life, beginning dancing as a young child and taking up singing and theatre while in school. With a passion for musical theatre and a drive like nobody else, Grace is an accomplished singer, actor, dancer and choreographer. If she's not belting out a song from one of her favourite musicals (currently Come From Away and Six: The Musical) she's tap dancing away to whatever song is stuck in her head.

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